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    Hospitailty Furniture For A Wholesale Price

    Project Total Okido is your hospitality Decorationer. We offer you a very extensive collection of hospitality furniture for an attractive decor of your establishment. Whether it’s a brown café, a trendy lounge bar or a stylish restaurant or hotel, our consultants would like to inspire you to emphasize the character of your business.
    As a care facility, sports club, school or church, you are also at the right address at our hospitality wholesalers! We would like to help you with the composition of a complete and hospitable interior with high-quality and comfortable furniture. We ensure the right mix between atmosphere and functionality.

    The Hospitality Forniture Wholesale

    Project Total Okido is a hospitality furniture wholesaler and delivers at wholesale prices! We deliver a large part of our collection from stock, which brings us at the forefront in the Netherlands in terms of the trinity: bottom price, high quality and fast delivery. On our website you will find an overview of our entire range of hospitality furniture, such as: wooden furniture, metal furniture, plastic furniture, terrace furniture, parasols, lighting and decoration. You will also find a link to our extensive outlet and our most recent brochure.

    If you find it difficult to make a selection from our hospitality furniture collection, our telephone advisors would like to think along with you.

    And may we finally give you an advise? Also take a look in our 2500 m2 inspiration showroom in Heerenveen, where we take the time to advise you based on our expertise, in combination with your own vision and budget. Coffee is waiting for you!

    All prices on this site are exclusive of VAT